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How To Choose The Right Coaching Class For Your Teen?

It’s that time of the year. The grade X board exams are over. How do you choose the right stream and coaching class for your teen?

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Some questions to ask before signing up your teen for coaching classes:

·         What is the brand and reputation of the class you are enrolling for?

·         Do you have a personal recommendation in your trusted social circuit?

·         What is the instalment plan? Is there a refund option in case you choose to drop out? Is it affordable for your budget?

·         How were the trial classes at the coaching center?

·         Is the facility comfortable to work in for a few hours? (Not luxurious, but simple and comfortable)

Listed below are some questions regarding your teen and you:

·         Is your teen undecided or conflicted about which career or course s/he wants to opt for?

·         Is there social pressure to join a coaching class? Are you or your teen under pressure to enrol in a coaching class?

·         Are you and your teen undecided or conflicted about which course or stream to opt for?

·         Is your teen showing signs of extreme distress after choosing a stream or coaching classes?

Vanya, Grade X is weighing her options:

Gulshan Grade X is confused about engineering coaching:

Ananya joined IAS coaching and hates it:

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