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At LifeVidya we help you to discover yourself and find the courage to nurture what you truly like.

Some call it Ikigai while others call it finding your purpose in life. At LifeVidya, we call it Finding Joy & Alignment.

5-Stars rating on Google
Working with Srividya has been - quite literally - a life-changing experience.

With her help I have been able to come into my own, and challenge some of my more maladaptive thinking patterns and move into more fluid and adaptable ones.
Brittany Koch-Hale

5-Stars Google Rating

Vanshikha Seth
Vanshikha Seth
I got to meet Vidya Mam when my life personal, professional life was puzzled to the max limit one can imagine of. I was on the verge of emotional/mental breakdown..She helped me to identify my patterns and making a choice of what is right and what is wrong for me..She helped me to make peace with my past and myself - helped me to accept myself as I am.. Coming out of that phase, I am able to channel myself, my emotional energy in a much better way..Today I know how to handle to take care of myself..I know where to draw boundaries..I know how to carve my future life..Thank you Vidya Mam for your guidance ❤️❤️
Meenakshi Sarkar
Meenakshi Sarkar
I approached Srividya for my son who was uncertain about his career choice after completing his graduation. Srividya's approach has been very methodical since day one. Over 3-4 sessions she has motivated my son to enroll for his Masters program. Her attitude during the joint sessions with me and my son has been extremely balanced, yet she developed a genuine bond with both of us individually. I will surely consult her in future, infact I will be taking her help for my son thruout his Master's, so that he gets the right guidance and genuine suggestions in his career. Thank you Srividya.
Nidhi Kapoor
Nidhi Kapoor
Dr Shrividya is a warm person and amazing in her field. She gave us an insight into my son's interests and strengths thus helping him to make the fair choices for his coming years. Time would just pass during her sessions and she has all the patience to listen to you. Thankyou for such a beautiful experience
Chinku Thankappan
Chinku Thankappan
We approached Dr. Srividya to provide insights into potential career paths for our Grade 11 son. We started our engagement with a clean slate, but emerged at the end with a clear outline about options that would suit his temperament and very high level of clarity about the paths that he could chart to achieve a career that suits his personality. It was an eye opener for our son as he was able to assess his capabilities in a very granular fashion and understand his strengths and weaknesses through the unbiased eyes of a third person outside of his immediate circle of family and friends. The sessions were detailed, exhaustive and comprehensive, providing adequate room for us to interact and address our concerns as well as receive satisfactory feedback. We are extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Srividya and would happily recommend her services to our friends and relatives.
Purnima Satish
Purnima Satish
When we approached you Vidya, Ananya was quite lost and confused as regards her career path. Frankly I did look at other options but all along knew that it had to be only you. You are extremely patient, understanding and non judgemental and never at any point did you push your views across which helped her a lot and she is definitely more sorted and has a clearer perspective about what she would like to pursue. Also it helped me in understanding her better. We parents definitely need these sessions. As I mentioned to you before you are a very genuine person which comes across in your counselling sessions too. Thanks once again and wishing you the very best always 👍
Sanjiv Bansal
Sanjiv Bansal
SriVidya has the right knowledge, experience and skills to check career interest area of the kids, gain their confidence/buy-in and to guide them select their career track. Wish you all the best SriVidya.
Sanya Oberoi
Sanya Oberoi
Dr Srividya is not only a great career counsellor but also an amazing person, who is very patient, knowledgeable, and uses a very scientific and practical approach to understand your strengths and weaknesses. I am grateful for her guidance and would highly recommend LifeVidya to students who are confused and are looking for proper guidance related to their career.
Lija Mathews
Lija Mathews
Career Counseling with Dr.Vidya was a nice and comforting experience for both me n my son. She followed a very scientific approach to analyse the strength n weakness of my child which helped us to choose a career path as per the child's personality.
Nalin Singh
Nalin Singh
srividya has a deep understanding of people's nature and aptitude. she helped me immensely in guiding my future career path, when i was feeling stuck. would definitely recommend anyone to approach her if they seeking answers to mid career level issues.
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Dr. Srividya

Founder, LifeVidya

Dr. Srividya is a PhD in Psychology and founder of LifeVidya with more than two decades of experience in helping professionals make the right choices in life. She has created a positive impact in the lives of over 1,000 professionals of all age groups across India, Singapore, USA, Europe, Dubai and the Middle East.

A deeply empathetic listener and perceptive psychologist, Dr. Srividya will facilitate your inner quest towards career fulfilment and job satisfaction and help you gain better insights into your own self.

Dr. Srividya has worked in and been affiliated with the following organisations:

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