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What If I Don’t Want To Be An Engineer?

A dad called me saying his daughter had taken Science in Grades XI and XII and was attending Engineering entrance coaching. They had also changed her school in grade XI to a Delhi school so she could avail of the Delhi quota for admissions to a government engineering college. But somehow, she has been rather dull and unsure and he did not want to push her into engineering if she does not like it.

So the girl was studying PCM and attending tutorials for engineering. The tuition centre was doing tests often and she was not doing very well. After switching schools and only attending tuitions, she had no social interactions especially post Covid.

In my sessions, I met a shy and quiet child. She needed someone to reassure her. Her parents were trying hard to help her build a great career. A couple of lacs had been spent so far in her school change, tutorials etc. Something was amiss, and they could not pinpoint what.

It was at this stage that her father started to speak with me. We got down to work together and our engagement lasted two video sessions and 2 phone calls, each about an hour long.

The psychological profiling yielded a taste for design. I explained the many elements of her profile that indicated to me as to where her strengths and interests lie. Being a student of PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) I suggested she check out Architecture once as that is a form of applied design. This way, her taking Science would not be a waste as was her fear.

So I shared the Career chat videos that we uploaded on Architecture as a career. I asked her to spend some time going through and reading and exploring the field and shared relevant links with her. (If you are interested in our videos, do go to

We met a week later and she seemed not inclined towards architecture. She had decided to pursue Design at the bachelor’s level. Thankfully being a diligent student, she felt comfortable continuing with Science in her 12th grade. She just didn’t want to go through the Engineering coaching and entrances. Her parents wanted her to go to IIT, so she is checking out the Design courses at IIT and preparing for the same.

There was a feeling of relief on their faces as we kept progressing to see what would make sense to her. I would say they did muster the courage to take action in the nick of time to figure out what she feels more “centered” doing. Yes, a few lacs were spent in the school transfer and tutions and the few thousand at LifeVidya helped her gain clarity. It is the these opportunities to engage meaningfully with students and families that makes it all worthwhile.

God bless her, wishing her all the best and thank you god for making us meet!

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