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The Creative Child And The Worried Parent

Son: Mom, I want to be a musician or a song writer. I don’t want to study.

Mom: You do need to study. We cannot take the risk of you joining this field. It is not a stable profession. How will you earn?

Son: I will be famous and earn lots of money. Don’t worry.

And so the dialogues and debates continued at home. Sometimes, lovingly and sometimes with a lot of conflict and resentment with both shedding tears.

In such situations, often the parent is only trying to save the child from the harsh realities of a profession that may not bring the desired results. All the child wants is a chance to pursue their dreams and not be limited to some conventional profession that they don’t like.

At the end of the day, both the son and the parent want happiness for themselves and others.

So, what to do? How to solve this never-ending conflict?

Try career counselling. Both the child and the parent get a better idea of what careers would be suitable for the child. While he aspires for his dream career, he may also discover other areas of interests and talents. Armed with a higher self-awareness one can explore more than one option amicably. It saves times, energy, money and tears!! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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