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Shedding Mindsets Is Hard!

One of the biggest challenges we see @LifeVidya when we connect with #parents and #students is their inability to shed old mental formations or #mindsets. They need to be shed because they no longer serve us in the changing world. And as always, we are unaware of our limiting thoughts.

I remember a very conflicted conversation between a #college going adult and her parents. They came for #career #counselling, however the underlying thread was of gender biases and differences. Being pressured to cook, clean and learn to keep home when she wanted to focus on her course was one of the challenges. The parents felt she did not take her life and career seriously enough. The constant demand that she attends to her younger teenage brother only made the situation worse. The young girl wanted to travel and study and stand for college elections.  She found some of her parent’s expectations very biased and unrealistic.

It’s essential for all teens and young adults to learn life skills like cooking and housekeeping. The gender focus on these roles and other roles in life needs a lot of reflection and questioning. It can vary a lot depending on the context and challenges of the family.

Do you reflect and shed beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you anymore? Look around you in nature, leaves fall as new ones grow. If they didn’t, the growth of the plant wound be stunted. It’s the same for old beliefs, if you don’t change them when needed, they will hold you back.

What belief or mindset has held you back? Are you willing to reflect, and courageously shed?

Just a little thought, and an intention to grow can go a long way.

We do all of this and more in our personal growth counselling sessions too.

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