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Are You Hiding Your Strengths?

Have you deeply acknowledged your hidden strengths?

Most professionalsparents and students I meet seem to be so unaware of their strengths and interests. And the cause for much of the career or personal confusion is this lack of deep awareness. Parents often ignore precious talent in non-academic areas as they are so focused on helping their child live the “IIT” or Medical dream.

The everyday routine of back-to-back classes, tuitions, project work, meetings leave little time to sit back, reflect and sharpen your skills. And so your skills and your inherent strengths are hidden in a muddle of classes, report cards, submissions and societal expectations.

Blog 2 Did You Notice The Peacock

Did you notice the peacock in the picture? Look closely, you will find it. However, it is hidden and often goes unnoticed despite its marvel and beauty. Our lives are often like that! Our strengths that can become our authentic vocations are hidden amidst norms, mainstream careers, society’s expectations, pressure of academics, peer pressure etc.

Some days back I met a student who was keen to pursue acting. His parents are unsure and anxious of how this can be a vocation. It’s understandable for them to feel this way given our conditioning and thinking patterns as parents.

And as it often happens, just yesterday I met a few theatre professionals who took years to sharpen and express their acting talent. They were discouraged, suppressed and told, “acting mein kuch nahin rakha hai” (there is no future in acting). A few of them came together to setup acting schools to train students and hone talent for shows. And gradually the talent was moulded and recognized.

How about you? Do you hide your talent? Do you suppress it? Have you ever reflected on what your real strengths are? In this world that is so anxious about AI taking over jobs, why don’t you reach to your natural god-given talent? Nothing could be more authentic.

Finding your vocation and “inner calling” can be a truly reflective and empowering experience. Some questions that help are:

  1. When do I really enjoy?
  2. What do others say I am good at?
  3. What have I ignored as not worthwhile for reasons like money, social status, recognition etc?

Start writing, enjoy the journey.

Allow your strengths to surface, allow yourself to hone your talents. Imagine how pretty the peacock looks when he shows his true colours.

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