For Teens & Parents

Blog 10
For Teens & Parents

Career counselling can help parents and their children make informed decisions about subject choices based on the child’s interests and learning style. It also provides guidance in redirecting distractions and creating meaningful action plans for future success and satisfaction.

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Blog 09
For Teens & Parents

Career counselling can help teenagers overcome the pressure of exams and societal expectations. By assessing their interests and reflecting on their true desires, they can make choices aligned with their inner calling and reclaim their power.

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Blog 06
For Teens & Parents

In the realm of parent-child conflicts, effective communication is crucial. The article emphasizes the need for parents to reflect on their own behaviors and perspectives, as personal growth is essential for both children and parents.

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Blog 03
For Teens & Parents

This article discusses the importance of incorporating play and hobbies into the lives of high school students, highlighting the case of a teenager who experienced burnout due to excessive exam preparation. Dr. Srividya emphasizes the significance of play for holistic well-being and invites readers to reflect on the role of play in their own lives.

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