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Discover joy & alignment in life and career

Transform challenges into opportunities by unlocking your true potential. Find purpose and meaning as you re-pivot life and career.

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Dr. Srividya, Founder of LifeVidya
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About LifeVidya

We will help you reboot to version 2.0 and get ready for the future!

Living a life based on a deeper awareness of one’s individuality is the key focus at LifeVidya. The more closely you align your career and life to the essence of who you are, the more joyful you will feel.

LifeVidya’s Ikigai Coaching will empower you to move forward in the journey of life.

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At LifeVidya we help you to discover yourself and find the courage to nurture what you truly like.

Some call it Ikigai while others call it finding your purpose in life. At LifeVidya, we call it Finding Joy & Alignment.

Dr. Srividya

Founder of LifeVidya

Ikigai Coaching & Services

Empowering you to realise your true potential

Service - Joy & Alignment for Professionals

Joy & Alignment for Professionals

Ikigai based career coaching to empower and build greater self awareness

Service - Joy & Alignment for Teens & Parents

Joy & Alignment for Teens/Parents

Coaching and counselling to reduce conflict between teens & parents

Service - Corporate Engagements

Corporate Engagements

Bespoke services on organisational psychology and change management

Service - Consultancy

Consultancy Services

Writing & educational consultancy in the fields of psychology and wellness


Pricing & Scheduling Details

Individual sessions are of 60 to 75 minutes duration . We recommend a minimum of 5 sessions so we can help you re-pivot.
Both online and in-person sessions are available. Charges are same for both.


Single Session

Rs. 8,000 per session


Five Sessions

Rs. 7,000 per session


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Why us

Make the right choices in life

You are extraordinary and can achieve everything with the right coaching and guidance. LifeVidya can help you transform your challenges into opportunities.


Find your true purpose & meaning as you navigate your way through life and career


Connect the different aspects of yourself to heal, recover and align your life


Build greater self-awareness & reflection to connect the dots and reduce conflicts


Integrate purpose & passion to add the desired spark to every aspect of yourself

Book By Dr. Srividya on coaching for teens & parents

Career Tips & Stories for Loving Parents

Helping Our Teens Land On Their Feet

A must read book authored by Dr. Srividya for all loving parents who want to help their teen joyfully choose careers aligned with their talents and inherent strengths.

This easy-to-read book will help you communicate effectively with your teen, reflect deeply about their career calling and develop better bonds with your family. Whether your child is a high schooler, a graduate or a post graduate, you will find practical insights that will connect the dots for you.

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5-star ratings
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Real transformation stories​

The LifeVidya Advantage
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Working with Srividya has been – quite literally- a life-changing experience.

With her help I have been able to come into my own, and challenge some of my more maladaptive thinking patterns and move into more fluid and adaptable ones.
Brittany Koch-Hale

Transform challenges into opportunities

Re-pivot your life and career

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